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The Portland Oregon AGO Chapter encompasses organists, church music directors, and organ aficionados along the Columbia River and northern Willamette Valley in Oregon and southern Washington.  Locales include (but are not limited to) Astoria, McMinnville, Scappoose, Wilsonville, Pendleton, Bend, Vancouver, and the greater Portland area, with a couple of dual-members coming from Salem.  Guild membership is facilitated by the AGO national office.

St Andrew Lutheran, Beaverton, Paul Fritts Organ. Photo by Susan R Werner Reiser


Executive Committee

  • Matthew O’Sullivan - Dean

  • Matt Smith - Sub Dean

  • Ward Nelson - Past Dean

  • Rob Stoltz - Secretary

  • Heidi Kohne - Treasurer / Placement Coordinator

  • Lori Thomas - Registrar / Membership Coordinator

  • Joe O’Donnell - Auditor

  • Gregory De Santis - Webmaster

  • Felix Lilly - Publicity

  • Walter Krueger - Examination Coordinator

  • David Dornack - Chaplain

  • James Walker (2026)

  • Christine Partna (2024)

  • Jane Mendenhall (2025)


The Portland AGO scholarship fund is now accepting applications! These funds are specifically to support the study of the King of Instruments and have come from individual donors, members, and proceeds from our Bach-a-thons. Certain restrictions apply, described on the application form.


Download and complete the application form on your computer or by printing it out and filling it out with pen. The form requires a signature, and that must be done by printing out that page and using a writing instrument. Submission instructions are found on the form.


We hope that you will pursue your studies and apply for these scholarship funds.


Executive Committee meets monthly on third Mondays online.


General membership, non-business meeting on the last Tuesday of the month at 11:30 a.m. at The Old Spaghetti Factory, 715 S Bancroft St., Portland 97239. All members and guests are invited to enjoy good food and conversation, some organ-related, some not. Reservation is under Heidi Kohne's name. Pay for your own meal, share in the company. Show-n-tell and +1s welcome!


Do you need an organist or pianist for a Sunday?  How about for three months?  Has your previous musician left for good and you need a permanent replacement?

Are you an AGO member who is available to substitute?  Have you moved into Portland and are looking for open positions?

Send job openings or availability to substitute to

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