Program Updates - 2021

Hauptwerk Virtual Pipe Organs – Part 1: January 24 and Part 2: April 25

Hauptwerk is a software program sold by Milan Digital Audio LLC for Macintosh or PC, which allows playback of highly realistic pipe organ sample sets recorded from instruments all over the world.

This program  will consist of two 1-hour presentations of local Hauptwerk setups. Presenters will review their components, budgets, challenges, the organs on their setups. The programs will also include demonstrations of the presenters’ instruments.

Listen to Henri Mulet played on a Hauptwerk sampled Cavaillé-Coll organ in Notre-Dame de Metz, France.

Presenters: Matt Smith and Annette Upton (Part 1) / Lou Paff and Eric Simmons (Part 2).

The Alpenrose Skinner Organ - February 28

The Ernest M. Skinner Organ (Op. 265, 1916) currently housed in the Alpenrose Dairy has a storied history: It was installed in the Civic Auditorium and featured illustrious performers such as Flor Peeters and Pietro Yon before being dismantled and put into storage when the venue underwent significant remodeling and later rechristened as the Keller Auditorium.  In the 1970s David Bruce Newman installed the organ in the Opera House in Alpenrose Dairy Land. Our program will feature interviews with chapter members who will share their stories about the organ’s history and perform on the organ before it is dismantled and shipped to Missouri for restoration.  Join us to celebrate the history of the Skinner organ say farewell to an old friend.

Bach-a-Thon - March 28

If you can’t get enough of Johann Sebastian Bach, chapter members will go for Baroque in our annual performance of works by the great master.

Members Recital - May 23

Join us for a program featuring chapter members.

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The Portland Chapter is one of over 300 chapters of the AGO. Our chapter was founded in 1911 and currently has approximately 125 members. We support the mission of the AGO "to foster a thriving community of musicians who share their knowledge and inspire passion for the organ."

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